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We are a gift atelier providing inspired, thoughtful and timeless gifts for all occasions.


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Here at BoxGioia we offer a selection of carefully curated gift boxes for all occasions, from birthdays and thank yous to congratulations, weddings or a new home.


Explore our range of thoughtfully pre-curated gifts which are ideal for connecting you to the people that matter most to you. Each gift box is lovingly handpicked and carefully hand wrapped with a customised handwritten note.


We pride ourselves on sourcing premium products, curating them with joy, ensuring your gift is received with genuine delight, a touched heart and a lasting impression.





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Wrapping Gifts

Do you need a little inspiration for the perfect gift?

Let us handle it for you.

The designer team of BoxGioia's Personal Gift Services provide individually curated gift ideas for specific occasions as you can save time and money, and be that 'gift giving hero'.

Spread love and joy with our curated gift boxes.

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What Our Customers Say


"I just received my first box and loved it. It's certainly a great way to treat someone or oneself. 

Cannot wait to see the next one!"

Svetlana K., London

"After receiving this amazing gift for Christmas, I felt the urge to go and check BoxGioia. The selection of gift boxes is just right for treating my loved ones."

Olivia T., England

"This is my third experience with BoxGioia, and each time, I fell in love with the boxes again and again. I bought two for my twin granddaughters' birthday, and they loved them as well."

Zeynep K., London

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