Because we all deserve a happy home.

In this fast paced world, with this COVID situation, we all need a space to relax, to have happy moments, to connect with each other, to find the JOY.

Home is the place now -where we spend most of our time, maybe alone, maybe with friends or with our family. Maybe working all day long all alone or just consuming Netflix, dreaming about your social life will be back soon or juggling between kids, household and dreams.


Your home design wasn't a huge priority before but now we all are looking to make it more comfortable, functional and of course beautiful. We want it to make us feel content, relaxed and loved. 

Gioia is a Italian word meaning "JOY". 

We aim to bring you JOY!

We are a Home Décor Subscription company with a mission to make our homes happier. We send curated decor and accessories in a box to your door steps to help you refresh and brighten up the look of your home. Our designers specialize in a multi-functional, user-friendly design.

We only select items that are well made and on-trend. We source a wide variety of items, mostly from small local businesses every month. We feature handmade items, eco friendly products, and unique pieces. We prefer neutral colors that are both decorative and useful all year long. 

We want to make Home Décor accessible and affordable for anyone and everyone. If you are struggling with your Home Décor or finding difficult to source the right product or basically just want to level it up... 

So, don't wait and give yourself a box of GIOIA.