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Colour Trends: 2021

Updated: Mar 25

For 2021, the colour authority PANTONE has selected two contrasting shades, ultimate grey and illuminating yellow, which it describes as “a marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”

The warming yellow shade makes us think of better times ahead, while Pantone has compared “ultimate grey” to natural elements, such as stones on the beach, which bring a feeling of steadiness and resilience against the extreme winds and heat. Here are some tips for how to update your home with dashes of grey and yellow to be right on trend for this year!


Grey sofa with yellow pillows

Using “ultimate grey” as the prominent colour in your furnishings, such as on a sofa, walls, upholstered furniture, due to its subtlety. And use the brighter, cheerful yellow as the small accent colour to lift the grey


Cushions and throws are one of the easiest ways to update the colours scheme of any room, whether it’s on your sofa or bed. Try using contrasting colours to inject life into a corner of a room

Throws and Blankets

Believe in the enriching power of blankets! As they’re quite effective in warming people up, you will be amazed how do they also warm your home with their smooth and cosy characteristic.

Don’t hesitate to use a contrasting colour, as yellow blankets will completely befit with dark coloured furniture, and greyish blankets will bring a mesmerising harmony to your living room, especially with light coloured sofas.

yellow blanket over edge of a bed


Yellow flowers in vase with sky background

Smaller items for decoration are ideal for those finishing touches to bring a room to life and inject your personality, especially in a rental where you may be limited on renovations. Flower arrangements would be a great option for that.

Dried flowers are also a great way brighten up your living space. You can even choose aromatic flowers like lavender, to further bring a natural smell to your room

Art gallery wall

Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is a brilliant way to fill up an empty wall. As hanging artworks with different colour schemes and palettes, you can create a distinct contrast on your room's wall.

You may be bored of the sight of your own walls, so look to wall art and prints to add life into a tired-feeling room.


You can try brightening up your basic-looking furnitures with shiny satin finishes, like bronze or nickel.High gloss finish, which can be polished brass, nickel or bronze at your choosing. A bright bronze-coated sink faucet will surely illuminate your whole kitchen!

pink lampshade with yellow, grey and white wallpaper


If you’re renovating your home, wallpaper is one way to completely change the look and feel of a room, and in recent years statement walls have become a popular trend.

Grey rug and hardwood floor


Rugs are also a way of revamping your space without a huge investment, try contrasting colours with your rugs and floor.


Using contrasting colours is such a chic way to add personality to a neutral kitchen! A grey-based foundation, like a cabinet, or a countertop can easily be enriched by yellow-coloured decors, such as dish-ware , small trinkets, or even a bowl of lemons!

dimly lit kitchen with lemons in a bowl

Pairing Shades

When it comes to pairing the two shades with existing colours in your home already yellow is the slightly harder colour to pair other tones with. If you want to create a more toned down and subtle scheme, try pairing it down with a dusty pink.