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Back to Office Tips!

Updated: Jun 10

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Following the announcement of the end of Plan B restrictions, many of us are faced with returning back to the office again. Some of us may be feeling excited about the social contact and engagement, whilst others may be experiencing anxiety at having to join the daily commute again.

Have a read below for some top tips to help you with the transition:

Establish a routine

Start planning your routine and getting into the habit of waking up earlier now. Extra time for something that brings you joy, perhaps a morning meditation session or listening to your favourite playlist. As you return to the daily commute, you may need to consider your nutrition and exercise habits. Try to find some time during the day to exercise, even 20 mins walk could help.

Self care

Ensure you are taking care of your mind and body. Both your mental and physical wellbeing are matters. Change can cause anxiety and stress. Daily Meditation is a great technique that can help with managing stress and anxiety. Just a few minutes every day can have a beneficial effect.

Be extra kind

Kindness makes us extra happy. Try to be extra kind to yourself and your colleagues, offer help when you see someone is struggling or suggest going for a quick bite together. Say thank you as much as you can and smile when you catch someone’s eyes.

Think positive

Making a note of the positives and some of the things you are excited to return to the office for can help put you in a more positive mindset. It might be the social time you’ve been missing out on over a morning coffee break, or less video calls!

Stay connected

Our social connections matter. Research shows that happy people spend more time with others and have a richer set of social connections than unhappy people. Studies even show that the simple act of talking to a stranger on the street can boost our mood more than we expect. Call someone you love regularly and try to talk about how you feel with this transition, both pros and cons and ask genuinely how they feel.

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