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Easter Tips!

Updated: Jun 10

Easter is hopping around the corner! With the rebirth of the nature, here are some tips for a green and happy Easter!

example of Easter brunch

Have an Easter Brunch!

You can start off your Easter morning with a delicious Easter Brunch! Delight your kids with bunny pancakes while you enjoy a “love toast” with the special person of your life. Create a chic Easter table setting with dyed eggs and fresh flowers!

DIY Floral Napkins

Create your own homemade napkin with pinkish linens and a couple of felt flowers. You can even add some extra touches by placing egg-infused pastel tablecloth as the base, followed by bunny decors and candies. You can also check our April BoxGioia for Easter-themed napkins!

DIY Easter Basket!

A cosily-decorated Easter basket can bring the Spring joy to your home with minimal effort. Try crafting flowers with felt sheets and glue them to your basket.

Build Your Own Terrarium!

There is nothing more natural than a spring terrarium, which you can bring the vibe of rebirth of the nature in your living space. With a glass container, some potting soil and succulents, you can quickly design your own mini habitat in a few minutes.

Enlighten the Easter Night with Lantern Lights!

Let the Lanterns illuminate your Easter! Go bold and try for a night egg hunt, as you can enhance with these Lantern lights -which is included in April BoxGioia home décor box!

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