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Find the Perfect Gift for a Teacher

Updated: Jun 10

When it comes to finding a gift for a teacher the usual approach is to usually ask what they want. They'll often say something sweet, like notes from their students expressing how much of a difference they've made in the lives of children. And we know that teachers are deserving of it and much more. Sure, adding a gift card to the note is perfectly acceptable. Teachers appreciate gift cards, and you know they'll get something they want.

However, if you think your child's teacher deserves something a little more than just a note showing your child appreciation and a meaningless gift card, then you have come to the right place. At Box Gioia, we curate gift boxes with love and care, so that the teacher who receives them knows just how much of a difference they have made and how much they are appreciated.

Gift for a Teacher: My Teacher Gift Box

Teachers play an important role in our children's development, not only just in the educational sense but they also help to teach our children to socialise outside of the family bubble and protect them whilst they are under their care. So, why not buy your child's teacher a gift that looks after them?

Our My Teacher gift box is the perfect combination of sweet and practical. Included within the box are a stainless steel water bottle and a daily notebook, both of which can be personalised with a special message so that your child's teacher can carry around a daily reminder that the work they do is making a difference. Also included within this gift for a teacher are hand cream, a candy tin and a mini lavender bouquet which can be kept on their desk all year round.

Gift for a Teacher: Best Teacher Gift Box

Why not treat your child's teacher to a box of the sweetest treats? Our Best Teacher gift box is perfect for those teachers who deserve a well-needed rest over the summer holidays. Included within the gift box is a bag of Ask Mummy & Daddy Prosecco Gummies, along with some beautiful Kusmi Tea. So that on the day the school breaks up for summer the special teacher can sit back and relax with a cup of tea and a sweet treat. Also included within the box is a classic candle from our connect collection, alongside a dried rose bouquet.

About Box Gioia

Box Gioia handcrafts your boxes with love and care to ensure that your teacher gift is a success. As small businesses, we believe that we should support local businesses by purchasing handcrafted and eco-friendly items. All of our gift boxes are created to appeal to the recipient's five senses. Our gift boxes are all perfumed. For their enjoyment, we also include high-quality chocolates, sweets, teas, and coffees.

Our boxes' opening experience is always a pleasant surprise for the recipient. Because everything is wrapped in brightly coloured and fragrant shredded paper, your giftee will have to go through each item one by one. Many of our items are manufactured by small and/or female-owned businesses. Every order that leaves our atelier is meticulously crafted and beautifully packaged to ensure that both the gifter and the giftee have a memorable experience from beginning to end.

We're here to help you choose a gift for a teacher, whether you need one or one for every teacher in the school! Contact us using our online form, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you with our bespoke gift services tailored to your specific budget. Keep up with our latest fantastic gift boxes by following us on Instagram!

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