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Gift Box Ideas for a New Dad

Updated: May 31

When you're going to have a new baby, you get a lot of guidance about all of the baby essentials. However, from swaddling blankets for the baby to nursing equipment for the new mom, one very important figure is frequently overlooked. Few of those "gift box ideas for new parents" address the question of what gift to get a new dad.

Daddy Needs Coffee Gift Box

For dads on the early morning feed, that first cup of coffee in the morning is essential for starting their day right. That's why on the Daddy Needs Coffee gift box we include a hand painted mug as a reminder for those sleepy new dads to grab a cup of coffee while they're preparing their baby's bottle. To keep their toes warm on those early mornings the gift box also includes a pair of art socks, which provide both style and comfort.

The gift box also includes the Big Panda and Tiny Dragon book written by James Norbury. Big Panda and Tiny Dragon, inspired by Norbury's volunteer work with the Samaritans, is a heartwarming tale of companionship and connection between two unlikely friends that features the author's exquisite artwork alongside wise and uplifting proverbs.

Gift Box for Dad T-shirt Set

For those dads who don't have the time to stick the washing off, a simple gift of a t-shirt they can throw on in the morning will always be appreciated. Not only does the T-shirt Set include a t-shirt with the slogan “My favourite people call me daddy!’ but it also includes a bag of Ask Mummy & Daddy Gummies to enjoy after the baby is put to sleep a night. Why not brighten the new dad's day with these lovely Cocktail Gummies? The best part is that they are free of alcohol, palm oil, and artificial colours.

About Box Gioia

Box Gioia crafts your boxes with love and care to ensure the success of your new dad's gift box. We believe that as small businesses, we should support local businesses by purchasing handcrafted and eco-friendly items. Our gift boxes are all designed to appeal to the recipient's five senses. All of our gift boxes are perfumed. We also include high-quality chocolates, sweets, teas, and coffees for their enjoyment.

The opening experience of our boxes is always a pleasant surprise for the recipient. Your giftee will have to go through each item one by one because everything is wrapped in brightly coloured and fragrant shredded paper. Many of our products are made by small and/or female-owned businesses. Every order that leaves our atelier is lovingly crafted and beautifully packaged to ensure that both the gifter and the giftee have a memorable experience from start to finish.

We're here to help you choose a gift box for a new dad, whether you need one or one for everyone in the family! Contact us using our online form, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you with our bespoke gift services tailored to your specific budget. Keep up with our latest fantastic gift boxes by following us on Instagram!

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