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Housewarming Gifts for Everyone to Appreciate

Updated: May 17

Whether your loved ones have moved to a new area of the country or are purchasing their first home, the moving process can cause stress and anxiety. Housewarming gifts, on the other hand, can ensure a smooth transition while reinvigorating the new homeowner or renter's enthusiasm for their space. It can be difficult to find the perfect housewarming gift, but here at Box Gioia, we've got you covered. Our selection of gifts has something for everyone at every price point, from handmade ornaments to decor accents.

Artists in Residence Housewarming Gifts

If your loved one is struggling to be inspired by their new home then our Artists in Residence housewarming gift could be the perfect gift for them. Not only is it beautifully packaged to create a magical opening experience, but it also has gifts to encourage your loved ones to use their creative mind.

Included in this amazing housewarming gift box is the Artists in Residence book. The book takes you inside some of the most imaginative and inspiring households in history. A house or an apartment is more than just a place to eat and sleep for the 17 artists profiled here; they convert everyday spaces into vibrant reflections of their individual artistic passions. Your recipient will gain a greater appreciation for the work of their favourite artists and may even discover a new favourite. Also included in the gift box is a candle, Love Cocoa prosecco chocolate along with Good and Proper tea to heighten all of your recipient's senses.

Home is Where the Heart is…

If your loved one is moving far from home, then sending them a little reminder of how much you care is always appreciated. Our Home is Where the Heart is housewarming gifts, including beautiful home decor accents to remind someone of home. Included in this thoughtful gift box is a wooden block sign which reads “Home is where the heart is”, a bubble candle from our mood collection and a mini vase with dried flowers.

How Can Box Gioia Help

Box Gioia constructs your boxes with love and care to ensure that all of your housewarming gifts are a success. As a small business, we believe in supporting local businesses by purchasing handmade and environmentally friendly goods. All of our boxes are designed to appeal to the giftee's five senses. All of our gift boxes are perfumed. We also include high-quality chocolates, sweets, teas and coffees for their enjoyment.

The opening experience of our boxes is always a pleasant surprise for the recipient. Because everything is wrapped in colourful and scented shredded paper, your giftee will have to go through each item one by one. Many of our products are made by small and/or female-owned businesses. Each order that leaves our atelier is carefully crafted and beautifully packaged to ensure that both gifters and giftees have a memorable experience from start to finish.

We're here to help you choose gift boxes that all homeowners will enjoy, whether you're looking for one or 100 housewarming gifts! Contact us using our online form, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you with our bespoke wedding gift services tailored to your specific budget. Follow us on Instagram to see our most recent fantastic gift boxes!

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