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How a Great Gift Can Help Your Social Connections

Updated: Mar 25

At Box Gioia, we know buying a great gift for someone can be hard after the pandemic when some of us have not seen our loved ones in a long time. This can make the idea of gift-giving very anxiety-provoking. What if you get it wrong? The important thing to remember is we all need to feel shared, appreciated, remembered and loved more than ever. That is why we have put together some things you need to consider when buying great gifts.

Make a Social Connection with a Great Gift

A great gift should not just provide someone with something they need or want. It should also reflect how well you know the person and the social connection you both share. The perfect gift will help you to highlight and build on the connection you already have. Which is more meaningful to those friends and family that you don’t always have a chance to see, as you have bought something personal to them.

Why not consider giving them something that is a unique shared interest to you both, such as a love of coffee or stationary? Social connections are what make us human, since the recent effect of the pandemic, more of us are learning how to get ourselves back to normal. Sending someone you care about a thoughtful gift will remind them of your affection and that even if you are apart, your connection will stay strong no matter what.

Make it Memorable

I am sure most of us have been guilty of just handing someone an unwrapped present in a gift bag for our own convenience, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. We all live busy lives, and it can be hard to find the time and effort to wrap a gift. However, if you have searched for hours for a great gift for someone you care about, going the extra mile to make the giving of the gift an experience will only have to do with the fulfilment of knowing you have given someone a thoughtful gift.

If you do not live locally to the person you intend to buy a gift for, it can be hard to find a way of making opening the gift an exciting experience. Great gift hampers make for a unique opening experience for the lucky person receiving the gift, not only can they be reused as storage, but they also provide an experience rather than just a gift. At Box Gioia, we understand the importance of fantastic gifting, therefore we also offer a bespoke gifting service for all types of events and clients.

Pick a Gift That Will Last

Finally, have a great idea for the perfect gift? Good, but make sure it is something that will last. Choosing a well-curated item over a mass-produced piece not only makes the gift more unique but also means that it is more likely to be taken care of over the years. Whether it is a birthday gift or for an occasion, choosing a durable item will keep your present around long after the event is over.

Why Choose Box Gioia?

Box Gioia is a gifts atelier focused on curating thoughtful and unique gifts to connect people with creating memorable experiences. Every single Box Gioia is curated to show your deepest feelings and sent with love. As a small business, we believe in supporting local businesses, whilst buying handmade and sustainable goods. Many of our products are from small and/or women-owned businesses. Each order that leaves our atelier is made with care and beautifully packaged to provide both gifters and giftees with a memorable experience from end to end. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest great gift boxes!

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