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Kitchen Countertop Styling Guide.

Updated: Jun 10

Kitchen is the ultimate utilitarian part of your home where you create from scratch. It's ingenious, inventive and inspired by its nature. Whether you have a large kitchen or a small cooking galley, it is often the countertop that will draw attention. This guide will give you some brillliant ideas to decorate your kitchen countertops.

clean kitchen in an apartment

Declutter it

Before you get into decorating your kitchen countertop, try to get each and every unnecessary item off the counter. You can even use tiered baskets, risers and racks to elevate canisters, dishes and utensil holders.

Create a Sink Organizer

You can try making your own sink organizer by reviving an old tray or plate, and use it to bring a harmony and and cosy up your kitchen countertop space, as you can have a handy place where you can place your dishwashing liquid, soaps, cloths and other items to keep them organized.


Plants are a gorgeous way to enhance the colour of your countertop space. Try growing your fresh herbs to use in your dishes and aromatic greens, like basil, to make them diffuse uplifting scents into your kitchen.

The Power of Arts

Kitchen is the space where you perform your creative acts at their best, so why don't you complement with a touch of artwork? From a sculpture to a canvas leading up against the wall of the countertop, or an alternative place to exhibit your kids' artworks, a piece of art will surely add personality to your kitchen.

Arrange a Tray

Arrange your own decorative tray to be stood on the corner of your countertop to hold all of your frequently used essentials. You can add up a scented candle, and keep it burning while you cook to ward off any undesired cooking smells. You can even go bolder by placing small potted plants, and base the tray with a layer of white or cream linen.

Fruit Bowls

Fruit Bowls are classic yet not-outdated natural decors that will surely enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen countertop.

The Magic of Towels

Tea towels are ultimately practical in our kitchens, however, why don't you take that extra step to include them into the design of your kitchen countertop? Try matching contrasting colours with the countertop, and give an extra touch of warmth and joy to your kitchen.

Lamps and Lightning

If you'd like to add a cosy vibe to your kitchen counter, and also give you more light as you're preparing meals, try placing under-cabinet lightnings!

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