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Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Updated: May 17

A newborn baby's arrival is a happy moment not only for the family but also for friends and family. Gifting something to a newborn baby can be a bit perplexing, especially for those with no prior experience in this area. Everyone wants to give something unique and special to the parents of a newborn baby. But what is an appropriate newborn baby gift?

Unless you have a child of your own, finding the best newborn baby gifts can be one of the most difficult tasks. Of course, you could go and buy the loveliest onesies in the world, but the best newborn gift ideas are those that will make life easier for the growing family. That's why at Box Gioia we curate gift boxes that are both thoughtful and practical for parents with newborns.

Newborn Baby Gift Box: Hello Baby

We focus on curating thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gifts to connect people with memorable experiences. Every Box Gioia is curated to express your deepest emotions and is sent with love. So you can rest assured that the new parents will receive the perfect gift for their new arrival.

Our Hello Baby newborn baby gift box is a fantastic gift for both baby and parent. Included within the gift box is a Hello Baby Journal, so the new parents can track all the special moments in their babies' development and keep it as a memorable experience for when the baby is older to share their precious moments. Also included within the box is a Nattou Lapidou - Piu Piu Octopus C. This adorable octopus is designed to respond to babies' instinct to grasp everything in their environment. The tentacles naturally remind them of their mother's umbilical cord, providing security and comfort in their early years.

The newborn baby gift box also includes some items that will be useful to the mother. Mum can use a hair scrunchy to keep her hair out of the way while feeding the baby and when she's on the go. It is not only functional, but it is also fashionable, with its faux fur texture that can be dressed up or down. With a newborn comes a new routine, which is why we include a pair of art socks in our box, so that if the parents forget to wash their clothes amongst all of the babies, they can grab a pair of socks from their thoughtfully chosen gift box.

How Can Box Gioia Help

Box Gioia builds your boxes with love and care to ensure that your newborn baby gifts are a success. As a small business, we believe in supporting local businesses by purchasing handcrafted and eco-friendly items. All of our gift boxes are created to appeal to the recipient's five senses. Our gift boxes are all perfumed. For their enjoyment, we also include high-quality chocolates, sweets, teas, and coffees.

Our boxes' opening experience is always a pleasant surprise for the recipient. Because everything is wrapped in brightly coloured and fragrant shredded paper, your giftee will have to go through each item one by one. Many of our items are manufactured by small and/or female-owned businesses. Each order that leaves our atelier is meticulously crafted and beautifully packaged to ensure that both the gifter and the giftee have a memorable experience from beginning to end.

We're here to assist you in selecting newborn baby gift boxes that all parents and babies will enjoy, whether you need one or 100! Contact us via our online form, and a member of our team will gladly assist you with our bespoke gift services tailored to your specific budget. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our latest fantastic gift boxes!

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