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Room by Room Decluttering Tips!

Updated: Jun 10

We all make an effort to be the best version of ourselves and decluttering would surely work in that sense. It is normal to have some stuff lying here and there. Discarding the mess around would also mean taking care of yourself. Don’t feel overwhelmed, here are some easy steps that will be of help:

lounge area within a house


1. Make sure to clear out the refrigerator and the pantry. Then you won’t buy the things you already have at home.

2. All the cabinets and drawers should be looked into. Only hold on to what you use mostly. Throw away the damaged ones and donate what you do not use at all.

3. Having a free space on the counters will make the kitchen look neat. You can use the cabinets to store things away.

4. Sort items in the cabinets so that you can see what you use and don’t. Later on you can group them based on the frequency of use.

5. Keep the drawers tidy by using cutlery organiser.


1. Use file organisers to put hair care appliances so that you will have free space.

2. Clear out the medicine cabinet by checking the expiration dates on the products and only put back what you mainly use.

3. Take everything out of the cupboards to throw away rusty razors, expired make-up items, old toothbrushes or any of the toiletries that you haven’t used for the past six months.

4. Sort each product in your bathroom and put them in separate boxes to provide a space. Grouping them into categories is the key.

5. Baskets or boxes are always useful. Try to invest in practical furniture.


1. Get rid of excess decorative pillows. How many times have you actually used them, honestly?

2. Go through the drawers, look into the contents and either donate or throw away.

3. Don’t forget to tackle your wardrobe. Try on everything you have, make sure you only keep the ones that fit.

4. Try installing shelves, that way you can keep clutter off your flours and organize them the way you like.

5. Avoid over-buying and therefore hoarding items into your bedroom. Think of the amount of the items you buy carefully.

Living Room

1. Organise your furniture, go for a minimalist design.

2. If you have many objects on display, decide on what to keep and what to put away in your storeroom. Only keep the ones you love the most.

3. Baskets come in handy. Use them to store some magazines, remote controls or any gaming device you own.

4. Make sure that you only have some coasters on the coffee table, clear out any excess stuff.

5. You can add a personality by using cupboards and open shelves and also you can store items easily.

Kid’s Room

1. Decide together what you want to keep. Make sure that your kids have what they like the most. You can store away or donate the rest.

2. Get rid of the toys that are broken down or the ones that have some missing pieces.

3. To create a space, you can group toys into boxes and that will help tidying the room fast as well.

4. You can use beds with drawers. They will look stylish and you can put some stuff away too.

5. Hanging baskets on the wall will make the room look trendy and you will avoid stepping on the toys around by putting them in those baskets.

Dining Room

1. You may have inherited some china like most people and if you don’t use them at all, there is no need to keep them.

2. We all have those serving platters that we never use but save for special occasions. Go over them to see whether you really need them.

3. There might be more table runners than you need in your storage and the same also goes for napkins or tablecloths.

4. If you have a seasonal hobby of collecting items, you are probably holding on to many decorations. Go through them and donate the ones you won’t need.

5. Don’t stash things away. It is easy to throw some things around, make sure you clear them out on the dining table.

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