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Stay-in-home Mother's Day Ideas

Updated: Jun 10

The Mother’s Day 2020 was just a day before the first UK lockdown, and this year it falls on Sunday, 14th of March. Whether we can see our mums in person or not, there are plenty of creative ways to make her feel extra special! So, we have compiled some Mother’s Day lockdown ideas that you can enjoy from the safety of your home, and that will definitely bring that super-woman some muchneeded cheer this Mother’s Day.

mother and daughter hugging

1. Make a photo book

A hand-crafted photobook with some of your favourite snaps will be a gorgeous gift for your mother. Try decorating the cover with dried assortments of your mother’s favourite flowers, and don’t forget to add a personal note that will last forever.

2. Bake and send her a tart in the post

Even if you can’t physically get together, a home-baked treat can remove these borders and let you show her how much you care. Bake her favourite tart with seasonal fruits like with apples, strawberries or blueberries; include a handwritten note and sent it to her way!

3. Send a “Breakfast-in-Bed”

Preparing or sending her favourite breakfast -or something that she would not normally have time to make, would be an awesome way to show that you care and appreciate your mum. There exist plenty of options that offer delivery options across the UK, try with your local bakery and deli, or go for a little luxe, and check out Fortnum’s, Gail’s, Rick Stein and BoroughBox for a gourmet breakfast delivery!

4. A Virtual Wine and Cheese date!

You don’t have to be physically at the same place to enjoy a cozy cheese and wine date with your mum. Schedule a video conference, grab your favourite bottle of wine and spend the evening reminiscing on your memories and the whole journey that you and your mother have been on. You can even go further by joining a virtual wine tasting session!

5. Plan a post-lockdown trip

As we’re all itching to travel at the moment, there is nothing more promising than planning a post-lockdown trip to a place where she really wants to go, and get on researching, the sky is the limit!

6. Write a letter on the things you love about your mum

A handwritten letter is a great gift that shows your thoughtfulness, and everyone loves them. Write whatever comes to your mind: all the memories you have had, reason you love them, things you appreciate, and you are grateful for. Decorate it with your doodles as well

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