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Tips for Preparing Your Living Room For Guests

Updated: Jun 10

The living room is the ultimate focal point of your home; it’s the place where you enjoy sharing memories with your family, get back and relax after a rush and long day at the office, and a space where you can enjoy the private time with your partner. Well, the living room is also the upmost place where you meet your guests, host your parties and make your invitees feel comfortable and welcome. With this guide, we’d like to give you some quick tips to make your living room more welcoming for your guests.

Rustic style living room


Clutter is the ultimate reason that fades out the feel of a comfortable living space. So, it’s the time to take all the non-essentials out, bring a harmony to your room and create a stress-free environment. You can try placing scent diffusers on the open corners of your room to boost the cosy smell of your room with lavender, lilac -or whatever you want.

Patio is the new Living Room

Why don’t you expand your horizons and change your patio or garden into your alternative living room where you can enjoy the open air, clear skies and the fresh smell of spring! Don’t forget to bring out your living room furniture and a cosy rug to your garden, and complete the environment with pieces of throw pillows, extra seatings and a mini bar area!

Illumination is everything

If you’d like to add a touch of softness to your living room for you and your guests to enjoy, just should try placing some new atmospheric lightening appliances. You will be amazed how those simple floor or table lamps, bulbs or even candles can enhance that social area where you can laugh, share and create memories.

Add soft furnishings for comfort

Ranging from sleek pillows to a soft area rug, soft furnishings are such versatile objects that can enhance the comfort and cosiness of your room at the exact time with minimal efforts. In addition, these decorations s are a great opportunity to reflect your personality, brighten up your room and make you and your guests feel relaxed, happy and welcomed.

Create your own mini bar

We all know that May is the best month to enjoy a chilled Rosé, served with a piece of fresh strawberry. You can easily create your own mini bar by using an old table -or a “makeshift trolley’ with some wheels under, accomplished with a linen table cloth, an ice bucket, glasses and your favourite wines, spirits or mixers.

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