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Wedding Gift Boxes

Updated: May 17

Weddings are a special occasion that brings two people and their families together. Though they are special and magical days, they also bring a lot of stress. From planning the big day to deciding what to buy as a wedding gift there is a lot of thought that goes into one day. At Box Gioia, our wedding gift boxes and favours could save you time from worrying about gifts, allowing you to focus more on the day itself.

Wedding Gift Boxes for the Happy Couple

If you are attending a wedding this year then the panic about what to buy the bride and groom might have started to set in. Our Spread Love Gift Box is thoughtfully created to help connect people by creating a memorable opening experience. Included within the Spread Love Gift Box is a double-sided wooden photo frame. Which the happy couple could fill with pictures from their special day. Also within the box is a Small Pleasures Card Set, the cards display all of life's small pleasures to create a reminder of the things we often overlook.

Wedding Gift Boxes for the Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids play an important role when it comes to weddings: not only are they involved in the planning but they also support the bride throughout the wedding process. Show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them with our Self Love Gift Box. Included within the box is a real wine candle, a hand towel. A faux fur headband and much more. After the wedding is over your bridesmaids will have the pride of knowing they supported you and the appreciation from the self-care gift they receive to restore their energy.

Wedding Favours

Give your guests a personal favour with one of our Keepsake Tins. Whether you want a personalised design or your wedding day printed on, a keepsake makes for a lovely gift for your guests to take away from your special day. One of the most delicious ways to say thank you to your wedding guests for attending is with a Love Cocoa Bar. The honeycomb chocolate is beautifully packaged and is the perfect favour for your guests to enjoy at the wedding or on the way home. At Box Gioia, we understand the importance of fantastic gifting, therefore we also offer a bespoke gifting service for all types of events and clients.

About Box Gioia

At Box Gioia, we build your boxes with love and care, to make sure all your wedding guests feel appreciated. As a small business, we believe in supporting local businesses, whilst buying handmade and sustainable goods. All of our boxes aim to reach the five senses of the giftee. We perfume all of our gift boxes. We also add high-quality chocolates, sweets and tea, coffees for their taste.

Our box's opening experience always offers a big surprise for the giftee. As all of the items are covered by colourful and scented shredded paper, meaning your giftee will find each item one by one. Many of our products are from small and/or women-owned businesses. Each order that leaves our atelier is made with care and beautifully packaged to provide both gifters and giftees with a memorable experience from end to end.

Whether you’re looking for one or 100 favours, we’re here to help you pick wedding gift boxes that all your guests can enjoy! Get in touch with us through our online form and a member of our team will be on hand to assist you with our bespoke wedding gift services to match your desired budget. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest great gift boxes!

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