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What is Corporate Gifting?

Updated: Apr 7

Corporate gifting is designed to create a connection with your employees or clients, through the use of a gift. It may be a physical gift or a non-physical gift such as a gift card. Here at Box Gioia, we make personal and unique gift boxes to help socially connect people. After all, everyone wants to feel appreciated. By sending someone a gift box as opposed to a gift card, you show the person you have spent time and effort selecting their gift, instead of choosing an easier option.

At Box Gioia, we provide bespoke solutions for corporate gifting. We can arrange branded socks, mugs, notebooks and much more. For curated boxes, you can swap items and add more branded gifts that are also customisable. We think it is important to work alongside our clients to meet a budget which suits them.

Why is Corporate Gifting so Important?

Receiving an unexpected gift creates a beautiful experience for the person receiving it. It creates a connection to the person who is giving the gift and also creates a positive association with the person or business. Businesses have always relied on the power of gifting to create a better relationship with a potential or existing client, as well as their colleagues. Sending a corporate gift shows a business's appreciation for the individual. By sending your employees a gift, you may also notice a higher performance from your employees as a result of their gratitude for the corporate gifting.

Our Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting doesn't always have to be impersonal, with our Big Hug Gift Box you can show your colleagues just how much you appreciate their hard work. Included within the gift box is a handmade porcelain mug that your colleague could keep at home or even use in the office. To accompany their handmade mug they also receive fragrant tea bags, which is a fabulous tea that combines an intriguing blue colour with notes of mint and lavender.

Our Thank You Gift Box will show your colleagues that there is more to corporate gifting than just gift cards. Included in the gift box is a beautiful ceramic mint vase accompanied by a mini yellow dried flower bouquet, so your colleagues can have flowers that will last all year round. Also included in the box is a Love Cocoa chocolate bar which is infused with gin and tonic to add a touch of class to the gift.

About Box Gioia

At Box Gioia, our corporate gifts are curated with love and care, to make sure all colleagues feel appreciated. As a small business, we believe in supporting local businesses, whilst buying handmade and sustainable goods. All of our boxes aim to reach the five senses of the giftee. We perfume all of our gift boxes. We also add high-quality chocolates, sweets and tea, coffees for their taste.

Our box's opening experience always offers a big surprise for the giftee. As all of the items are covered by colourful and scented shredded paper, meaning your giftee will find each item one by one. Many of our products are from small and/or women-owned businesses. Each order that leaves our atelier is made with care and beautifully packaged to provide both gifters and giftees with a memorable experience from end to end. Why not create your corporate gifting box? Build your box here.

Whether you’re looking for 20 hampers for important clients or need help organising Christmas gifts for a company made up of 1000 employees, we’re here to help with the corporate gifting process! Get in touch with us through our online form and a member of our team will be on hand to assist you with our corporate gifting services. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest great gift boxes!

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