Wrapping Gifts

Personal Gift Services

Do you need a little inspiration for the perfect gift?

Let us handle it for you.

The designer team of BoxGioia's Personal Gift Services provide individually curated gift ideas for specific occasions as you can save time and money -and be that 'gift giving hero'.

Our designers work on each and every aspect of your personal gift request, ranging from individual to event gifts, and assist you through to spread joy and love.

Let Us Know

Upon your request, our designers will contact you soon to assist you through the whole process. Be sure to detail the occasion, ideas -or any other request in the corresponding forms while signing up to our personalized gift services.

We Do the Research

Right after we receive your request, our designers will work individually on each aspect of your personal gift request, and conduct a detailed research on gift ideas -and further curate a personalized shortlist of these tailor-made gift ideas.

Tailor-made Gift Solutions

After receiving the short-list of individually curated gift ideas, you make the thoughtful choice.


Be that Gift-Giving Hero.

Do you need some inspiration for giving the best gift? We can take you even way further. 


Contact us and let our designer team handle it for you. 


Express your gratitude with our bespoke gift boxes.

Delight your guests with individually curated gift boxes.

We are delighted to help for all occasions: Anniversaries, Wedding favours, Baby Shower favours, Group gifts or Care packages.

Any questions? Let us know!

Thanks for submitting! Our designer team will contact you shortly regarding to your request.